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aiden markprove crop web

First official titel for a Memphis offspring... Aiden (You got me Hooked of Storm's Legacy) won on 31. august the new competition, that Labrador Kring Nederland (the dutch labrador club) has arranged. The dogs are being judged on both field trial and show and given points in both disciplins. Furthermore, their healthstatus is also looked at. Aiden got super score in both field trial and show – and was 14 point ahead of nr. 2.  The show judge, Rinie Leenen, liked Aiden a lot – and as she in 2016 made Memphis Frühjahrssieger, you can only say, that she is very true to (her) type.
Big congratulations to kennel Of Storm's Legacy, Brigitte and Ilonka – I am really proud of you and the work you do. 

Aiden is AA on hips and 00 on elboes – and he is gene teted free on EIC, HNPK, PRA, CNM, longhair and dilute. 
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Foto: Nadanja Hondenfotografie

IMG 2115 AidenToots
B-diploma to Memphis sons in Holland
3. august Aiden participated on a field trial in Holland and gained his B-diploma.
The test is a lot of posts - among them very long distance markings and a search over water. 
7. september brother Toots (Just Captivating of Storm's Legacy) did the same – and now also has his B-diploma.
Two beautiful, sweet and clever brothers. Sons of Memphis – of course I am proud! 
Big congratulations to Ilonka Boonstra & Aiden og Aad Eggen & Toots – two super teams!





IMG 1951 Muffin hvalpe web
Memphis daddy again ... 

It was a hugde surprise, when 8 yellow bitch puppies entered the world on 2. august at kennel Labdual. There was only one black boy among the girls – and unfortunately he didn't make it. 
The dam is DKRLCH Labdual Muffin, a rally champion – a pretty, sweet and bright bitch of both show- and field trial lines. With this combination both breeder Gitte Zerahn and I expect some real will-to-please dogs. 

Huge congratulations to Gitte Zerahn og kennel Labdual! See more on




IMG 0900 momo web
New family member

In the beginning of June, this little wonder moved in...
Creekwater Cherish the Moment – 'Momo' – is born in Holland. The father is NLCH Moon Beam von Budiliumhof and the mother is LUCH Fairytale You're the Inspiration. 
She is the most wonderful puppy bitch with a great approach to new things and to life itself! With a mind of her own... 
Our two boys, Trouper and Memphis, has welcomed her as part of the gang – and especially Memphis and Momo are true pals. 

Thank you so much, Liesbeth Kodde, we are so grateful for this lovely bitch who already has a big place in our hearts...




IMG 1568 skue web
Fine placeringer til Memphis hvalpe – og igen en BIM baby!

Retrieverklubbens region Nordsjælland holdt i 30. maj skue i Frederikssund. Her deltog Luis, Lab Cocoon Alexis, og Nellie, Lab Cocoon Amelia i babyhvalpe klassen. 
Det var en stor oplevelse for de to hvalpe, der aldrig havde været til skue før. Luis blev en flot 3. vinder ud af 11 fine hanner – og Nellie vandt sin klasse! Her var de fem fine tævebabyhvalpe.
Begge hunde gjorde det rigtig fint i ringen –  stort tillykke til Henrik og Jannie med Luis – og til Tine med Nellie. Tak fordi I har trænet dem så fint i at stå...
Også et stort tillykke til Hanne Arildsen og Lab Cocoon! Sikken fin debut...

For et par år siden stillede Frigga, en Memphis hvalp, også op i babyklasse – og vandt ligeledes klassen og blev BIM baby. Se længere nede på siden. 

Uddannet grundinstruktør i DRK
20. januar 2019 fik jeg sammen med hold 1 mit diplom – igennem et spændende år med
forskellige undervisere som blandt andre Thomas Stokke og Sanne Amnitzbøl samt
aspirantforløb hos gode, erfarne instruktører, kan jeg nu kalde mig grundinstruktør i
Dansk Retriever Klub. Jeg er super glad for denne chance for at være med til at udbrede
positive træningsmetoder i vores klub

Dolly hvalp nyhed IMG 8709Memphis father once again – to his eighth litter
On Friday 8. Decempber Lab Kenholms Hello Dolly became mother of six wonderful puppies  – all balck. Five boys and a girl. Dolly mother for the first time – but gave birth with ease and has taken on her new role with confidence. Though a little difference in size,  all puppies are eating well and has in one week doubled their weight of birth. On the photo they are two days old. I look foreward to follow this litter –  they are all staying on Zealand. 
Congratulations to breeder Hanne Arildsen with her first litter in Lab Cocoon! 
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Moa kuld2 nyheder IMG 8588 cropMemphis’ seventh litter...
– was born in Sweden on 9. november 2018. 8 lovely puppies (5 black and 3 brown) – 6 bitches and 2 brown males. Moa, who has one previous litter with Memphis from last year, once again did a good job. All puppies had birthweight between 400 g and 500 g – except for one little girl, she weighed only 280 g. But she was very stubborn and strong – and has already catched up with her siblings. 





Aiden web IMG 8352

Hipstatus A and elboestatus 0 on son of Memphis

You got me Hooked of Storm's Legacy, Aiden, who lives in Holland at kennel of Storm's Legacy, has been x-rayed with the best of results you can wish for. Aiden, who just became one year, has also passed the eyeexamination with no remarks. It is so wonderful when the health status is exellent on the offspring of your studdog. 
In Denmark Memphis' daughter, Drumbeat Dignity, also has status A and 0 on hips and elboes, and I can only be happy that the puppy bitch from Memphis' first litter, who was selected to become a blind guiding dog, also has passed the 'needles eye' regarding temperement, skills and health and is now a functioning guiding dog.






web nyhed memphis sporchampion

New Swedish Bloodtracking Champion – three 1. prizes in a row!
Going to Sweden for our holiday, I had planned to go on two bloodtracking trials to see if we could gain the first of three 1. prizes to make Memphis a Swedish Bloodtracking Champion.
The swedish trials are 600-700 meters long and the track is made app. 20 hours before the actual trial. 
On 19. July we went on our first trial. It was very hot and the terrain was a bit rough. Halfway a buck jumped up not far from us, Memphis saw it and barked a couple of times – excited to see it. It was of course an interuption but Memphis was so cool that he took up the trail again with no doubt. This gave him an extra Prize of Honour (HP) along with our first 1. prize. It was a really good start. 
Five days later we went on our second trial. Thsi time the hoof was from roe dear. Memphis pickud up the trail immediately and almost pulled me through the forrest. After app. 9 minutes the judge stopped us. I though that maybe we had gone in a wrong direction – but we were at the point where the judge makes a shot to see if the dog okay with shooting. This is always 50-100 meters before the end of the trail, so I knew that we were close. Of course Memphis found the hoof – and our second 1. prize was acheived after only 11 minutes. Now that we had two of the three 1. prizes I was eager to see if we could arrange for the thrid trial. This was organized and on 27. July we went on our third official trial in Sweden. We had a perfect start, Memphis as always very focused. There had been boar in the area recently so that made a lot of distractions for him – but he is so clever with his nose – and after 22 minutes he found the fallow dear hoof. And our final 1. prize was gained! So now he can put a new title to his name, SEVCH, Swedish Bloodtracking Champion. We just have to wait for the official registration. 
We look foreward to our next challenge: the 1000 m tracks in Denmark.


Memphis father for the sixth time

web nyhed maggie kuld

13. July Memphis became the proud father of  8 healthy puppies – 4 brown and 4 black, 3 bitches and  five males. The mother Maggie, Inge Dyrhave's Isis, gave birth for the first time and she did everything to perfection! On the photos the puppies are four weeks old. Congratulations to Rasmus and Merete Petersen with the beautiful litter.
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400m 20t Avnstrup point lille


1. prize on blood tracking official trial 400 m / 20 hours
Sunday 8. April Danish Retriever Club (region Mid Sealand) facilitated an official blood tracking trial. 
Memphis participated on his first official 400 meter 20 hour trial and gained a perfect judgement and 1. prize. Judge was Ib Larsen.
I am so proud of my dog – he shows so much talent for working with his nose – even with me tagging along and slowing him down ...









IMG 6095 championparade
Nice dog weekend 2-3. december!
Saturday Memphis and I participated in the uofficial blood tracking test as the
end of the seasons training. Memphis made the 400 m / 20 t spor in good style
– so we gained a first prize, even though the handler (me!) messed around a little.

Sunday we went to the Danish Retriever Clubs christmas show to
participate in the champion parade. 






IMG 6001 a Moa news
Memphis becomes father in Sweden
8. november 2017 11 puppies by Memphis and Moa was born in the south of Sweden. 
It is Moa's first litter, but she did a good job and delivered all 11 pups live and well. Six bitches and five dogs, six brown and five black – and with birth weight at 300-420 g.








IMG 5465 hailey hope hvalpe newsMemphis sires litter in Holland

In the beginning of July Blackpearls of Mainhatten Ultraviolet, Hailey, was mated – and on 2. september she gave birth to three big fine puppies.
Two boys and a girl – all black. Ilonka and Brigitte, som har Kennel Of Storm's Legacy beholder en hanhvalp. 
You Got Me Hooked, Just Captivating og Mesmerized by You – of Storm's Legacy. All three will be trained for field trials. I look foreward to follow them.
Hailey unfortunately got sick, so the puppies moved in with their two days older cousins. Hope treated them as her own – and all puppies enjoyed each others company.

14. august, Ronneby, Sweden – SSK International dogshow
Memphis won the champion class with CCQ and became 4. best male.
Judge was Tinneke Pillement Heyden from The Netherlands.


IMG 4660 crop SECHu web


Saturday 27. maj 2017 at the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club's  national dogshow in Hasslarp Drumbeat It's Now or Never aka Memphis entered the champion class judged by Laurent Pichard from Schweizerland. With a excellent judgement (see  'Judgements') Memphis won the class, then became Best Male and won the certificate  – and thereby became swedish champion! The judge really liked Memphis, so he also became Best of Breed –  of 62 labradors. In Best in Show finals he became 4. winner of 13 different breeds – judged by Barbara Müller (CH).
A very nice and special day for us!

The weekend before on 20. May we participated in Danish Retriever Clubs national dogshow. This was also a good experience for us as Memphis won the champion class and became 4. best male before judge Sigrid Jarmer from Austria. (See 'Judgements')



 Memphis dad for the third time

Sunday 21. maj 2017 Drumbeat Dizzy Miss Lizzy, owned by Anne and Lars Ludvig,
gave birth to three fine puppies sired by Drumbeat It's Now or Never. Two girls and a black boy.
We are looking foreward to follow the puppies closely as they live in the neighbourhood.
(pictures will come!)




Memphis BIM Aars webBOS and new DANISH CHAMPION!

At the Danish Kennel Club's national dogshow in Aars on fridag 14. april Drumbeat It's Now or Never, aka Memphis, won the champion class. Then he became the best male and gained the danish CAC. As Memphis already is german champion this CAC made him new danish champion! Thanks to judge Annette Bystrup (DK) for liking Memphis – and to Memphis for doing a good job! This was a great day for us – I am so happy and pround.







web nyhed sporproeve1. prize on blood tracking 400 m / 3 hours

Sunday April 2 Memphis and I had our debut on DRK Midtsealands blood tracking test in the Bidstrup forrest. Memphis was very confident and steady in following the track – and after 8 minuttes he found 'Bambi'. We got a horn salute and as tradition bids two sprigs from a tree. Judge Lars Svendsen gave us two large sprigs from beech as we did the job very well. He was very impressed with us – Memphis gained 24 out of 25 possible points. It was a fantastic way to start our tracking-career!  



IMG 4241 nyhed malmo


2. best male in Malmø, Sweden

At the international dogshow in Malmø March 18, Drumbeat It's Now or Never, Memphis, became 2. best male with reserve CAC and reserve CACIB after winning the working dog class. The judge was Agnes May Pollock from England. It was an exciting and close race, but in the end it was a dog from open class who won it all. Congrats to Irene and Enzo.

IMG 4182 taulov 438x292Debut in the Champion class

February 11 + 12 Memphis had his debut in the champion class at DKK's international dogshow in Fredericia og DRK's national dogshow Taulov. Saturday he gained excellent by the swedish judge Hans Almgren, and sunday he even became 4. winner in his class by danish judge Michael Christensen. A quite good debut in two large classes!


Memphis' daughter Drumbeat Dignity...

On January 22 Drumbeat Dignity, called Dina, Drumbeat It's Now or Never x Drumbeat Shakira (both champions), gained maximum point in the first level of field trials. Not even 9 months old, she just did a wonderful job with ease and energy. 

14 days later she participated in ring training for the very first time. It was natural for her to stand square on all four feet... she just needed to learn to stand still! I think she did a very good job. I look foreward to see her in the ring this spring. 

IMG 4150 b web

Memphis is now German Champion (VDH)!

In Kassel, Germany, 10.-11. December Drumbeat It's Now or Never won the final challenge certificate to become German Champion. The judge was Bjarne Sørensen (N), who also gave Memphis the reserve club certificate. Memphis had his 6 first challenge certificates in less than a year, so to become officially champion he had to gain the seventh. Sunday he also won his class by judge Christiane Lohmann and gained the eighth... 
The road to become champion in Germany has given some wonderful experiences. Memphis has gained 6 club certificates in all, he became best male twice and won a CACIB, he became VDH Frühjahrsieger 2016, he became BOB and furthermore he was placed as number 3 in group 8 in Bremen. That was really exciting! Well done by Memphis who turnes 3 in January next year. 

DEVDHCH Drumbeat It's Now or Never DEVDHFJSG16  :)

Kassel IMG 4698 crop 438b

27. november 2016 – Danish Retriever Club's National Dogshow

Memphis and I took the trip to Næstved to enter the working dog class judged by Andrew S. Brown from Scotland. We became 3. winner with CCQ. He told me that he really liked my dog, but that he still needed some time (to majure) I find it nice that he still looks young – just the age that he has...  :)
This was the last show in Denmark in 2016. 
Thanks to Karsten for the photo.

KAR 4005 juleudst web

DKK International 2-day Dogshow in Herning 5-6 November

Drumbeat It's Now or Never participated in Dansk Kennel Klubs international show in Herning 5-6 november. Dan Ericsson (S) was judge saturday – we became 4. winner. Sunday was a better day for us – Memphis was placed as 2. winner by the scotish judge Frank H. Whyte: "Good scull, stop and muzzle, like his expression and over all size and breed type, good depth ample width, well angled rear, holds a balanced outline going round, prefer a little more width in rear action, need more finish to complete his picture.” 
Well, the latter will come with time ... :)

DKK International Dogshow in Ballerup 18. September

At the last outdoor dogshow in Denmark this year we entered before the english judge, Heather Wiles-Fone. She placed us as 4. winner in our class with the following judgement report: "Smart black dog of super balance and presented in good coat and condition, well shaped head with kind eye, clean neck, excellent layback of shoulder, plenty of forchest, good depth of body, firm topline, good tailset, moved true going and coming, and showed attentively with style.” I'd say a winners report! ;)

Herning2 crop

Memphis-offspring BOS and 1. winner of baby-puppy class

Drumbeat Lay Lady Lay, daughter of Drumbeat It's Now or Never and DKCH Drumbeat Shakira entered for the first time an inofficial show in Frederikssund on 24. September. She did a really good job and won the class of nine wonderful baby-pups. Frikka, as she is called, is 4,5 months old. What a great debut in showing! Congratulations to the owner, Birgitte Andersen, who also was in the show ring for the very first time. Hopefully we will see more of them both! 

Frikka1 438x292

Best of Breed Labrador (BOB) in Bremen... And 3rd best in group!

In the weekend 30-31. juli Drumbeat It's Now or Never aka Memphis participated in VDH's International and Nationale dogshow in Bremen, Germany.
Sunday was a great day for Memphis. First we showed for judge Christiane Lohmann from Germany in open class, which we won – and gained our sixth ticket for the german championship. After this Drumbeat It's Now or Never won over the other male dogs, won the VDH CAC – and became BEST MALE.
Up against the best bitch we won – and Drumbeat It's Now or Never became BOB. The BEST LABRADOR in Bremen!
In the honor ring we entried for judge Peter Beyersdorf and out of 18 BOB dogs, we became 3rd winner! Quite a result for a labrador – and a fantastic experience! 
(Still the certificate did't make Memphis german champion – as the show was two days to early to release the title!)


Memphis Bremen podie news

2 x 1. winner with CCQ in Tvååker, Sweden

At the Swedish Kennel Klub's international and national dogshow in Tvååker, Sweden, Drumbeat It's Now or Never gained 1. winner with CCQ both days. First day was judge Petra Bannach from Germany, the second day was the spanish judge Guillamon Gascuna.

Memphis tvaaker 2

12. June 2016 – Drumbeat Shakira's litter turned 6 weeks!

The seven puppies from Memphis' second litter are developing really well and beautifully. The pups are named after Bob Dylan's songtitles so the one black male puppy is of course called Drumbeat Mr. Tambourine Man. What a boy! The yellow bitch on the picture is called Drumbeat Dignity. The breeder is keeping her, so hopefully we will see her in the showring and at fieldtrials in the future. 


web nyhed hvalpe6uger ny

22. May 2016 – Visiting the puppies...

Second litter of Memphis turned 3 weeks... Such high quality puppies! Harmonius, solid and well-built puppies... I am looking foreward to see how they develop.

web nyhed hvalpe3uger

21. May 2016 – DRK Officiel Working Test – PASSED!

Danish Retriever Klub arranged an officiel WT in Teglstrup Hegn on a perfect day with good weather – not too hot but nice and dry.
The test had 5 posts and maximum points on each post is 20. Memphis passed the beginners class with 79 point – with 20 point on 3 poster! Well done, Memphis... and still a few learning points to train and refine! 

web nyhed wt


In the weekend 7-8 May we took the trip to Dortmund to participate in one of the major dogshows in Europe. One of the days the certifcates are dubbled up, and there is given a title for the best dog and the best bitch every day. So the show attracts a lot of the finest dogs in Europe.
Saturday Drumbeat It's Now or Never, Memphis, became 2. winner in the workingdog class. This gave us the reserve-certificate, but as it was dubbled on the day, it actually was the forth out of five certificate, tham Memphis needs to become  German VDH Champion. So this was a very good day! 
The day after Rinie Leenen-Compen from Holland was judge. She really liked Memphis, so he won his class – and gained his fifth certificate! This would normally make him german champion, but unfortunately there must be at least one year and one day between the first and the fifth certifikcate – and we had only 10 months! So we still need one... By winning our class we qualified to compete for the CACIB, the club certificate and the title VDH FRÜHJAHRSSIGER 2016... AND WON!!!! WOW!!!! Becoming the BEST MALE is until now our very best achievement! Against the best bitch we became BOS. But what a day! I am so proud of my dog, 2 years and 4 months old, second best labrador out of 60 labs, many of them multi-champions...
I am so proud of my black boy!


Memphis Dortmund nyhed 438x584 1

Puppies from Drumbeat It's Now or Never and DKCH Drumbeat Shakira

7 big puppies, 6 bitches and 1 dog (5 yellow bitches, 1 black bitch and 1 black dog), has been born 30. april. This is the second litter from  Memphis. 


Donna Memphis3

Third german VDH certificate in Lingen 24. april

Memphis entered the gundogclass before judge Joseph Pohling.
There was only one competitor in the class, but it was a tough one as it was a danish champion... But we won! And thereby gained our third german certificate out of the five to become german champion. Vi are on our way... 

Thanks for photo, Birthe & Jan.

LIngen IMG 3772

For the first time on an official Working Test

17 April we participated on an official WT on the beautiful Bregenved Estate. A wonderful but very windy day. Unfortunately we got 0 points on the second post we attended – a post with a little 'drive' and where the dummy landed in vegetation smelling like spring onions! A lot of dogs failed this particular post as they could not find the dummy. But Memphis made the most beautiful marking on this post so all the spectators at a distance though he made maximum points. But Memphis was so eager, so he just couldn't wait for the order. And with two shots on the post it was just one to many. I am not experienced enough to just say 'stay' an extra time, so this cost us the 'passed test'. The rest of the day he just did splendid work, so we just have to try again!

Thanks for photo and a really nice day to Ulla & Kim.


IMG 3747 nyhed WT 17.04.16

Memphis has become a father!

14 April Drumbeat It's Now or Never became a father to his first litter with the nice brown bitch Freja (sire Chablais Overseas Treasure). Freja is out of classic labrador lines and a superb hunting dog, owned by Katrine Nygård. So the puppies can only turn out to be wonderful, easy to work with dogs with two such parents, that are so nice to work with. Equally brown and black puppies – 5 bitches and a brown boy (two boys did'nt make it through birth). One of the girls are going to become a 'seeing'-dog for a blind person if all goes well.

IMG 3740 freja6hvalpe

1. prize on unoffical fieldtrial in Bølleljungen

20. marts 2016 DRK Nordsealand held an uofficial fieldtrial in the wonderful terrain in Bølleljungen close to Tisvildeleje.  Memphis participated in the beginners class and gained a first prize by judge Trine Christensen fra the south of Jutland. she gave 9 dogs out of 22 first prize. Thanks to all for a nice day. 



Germany – here we come!

Labrador Club Deutchland held on 20.02.2016 a national dogshow for labradors in Obernkirchen in Germany. Judge was english Sandra Hibbert.
Memphis entered the working dog class – and won his second VDH certificat! In the CAC round, where he competede with the winners from intermediate, open and champion classes, he won the reserve CAC. The winner was the wellknown multichampion Blacksugar Luis, and as he already has all his CAC's it will be passed on to Memphis!!!
So we actually gained a club CAC as well!

As if it wasn't enough, the two winners of the working dog classes (the dog and the bitch) was called into the ring again. Memphis won – and became BOB Working dog. What a day! :)


IMG 3304 rosetter Obernkirchen news

A good weekend for Drumbeat It's Now or Never aka 'Memphis'

Saturday on 13. februar at DRKs national dogshow in Taulov Memphis became 2. winner with CCQ in the working dog class – judge was Christina Daniels from Sweden.
The day after at DKKs International dogshow in Fredericia we did even better – Memphis won his class with CCQ as the only dog with 'excellent' in the class. After that he became third best male with RES.CAC – beaten by two fine champions. Hans van den Berg from Holland was judging sunday – a very harsh judge using the full scale... Actually only 6 male dogs in all got Excellent og only 5 of them got CCQ. Memphis did a really good job that day!
The photo is from saturday in Taulov. 


IMG 3288 Taulov 438x292

DRK Sydjylland's inofficial retriever dogshow in Bække

16. Januar 2016 we got up very early and drove to Jutland. We entered before the lituanian breeder and judge, Reda Bubuliene from Kennel Okeanas. Memphis got a super judgement, but was beaten by a little older dog. So he became 2. winner in the working dog class and the dogshows 5. best dog among the labradors.
Besides the good judgement report, I was chosen as the best handler among the labrador male dogs, so we were to participate in the competition to become the shows best handler. This went totally wrong, as Memphis was placed 50 cm behind a golden retriever bitch in maximum heat... I had no contact to Memphis – I think he is beginning to understand what bitches can be used for... 

Thanks for photo to Damgaards Photografi.

baekke Memphis1 nyheder

Debut in the working dog class

7. januar 2016 Drumbeat It's Now or Never, Memphis, enterede for the first time in 'bruks-/jaktklass' at the international dogshow 'MyDog 1' in Göteborg, Sweden. The well-known and respected judge was Frank Kane (GB). Memphis gained a 2. winner with CCQ in a very close run with the winner. 


Memphis goteborg bedom 438x292

At the photografer

Once again we vistited the brilliant photografer Karsten Bidstrup. In 2014 Karsten became 3. winner in the international competition Dog Photographer of the Year. 
Memphis was modelling in the study – and the photos can be seen other places on this site. Here we are caught in a moment, where we are negotiating a bit – to make Memphis stand the exact right place – under the lamp. But looking at the picture you can doubt who is making who do what...  :)


NVbehindthescene lille

Bedste hund til DRK Nordsjællands C-prøve!

Fantastisk dag i Gribskov ved Hillerød, hvor retrieverklubben afholdt markprøve C (uofficiel). Drumbeat It's Now or Never, Memphis, deltog i begynderklassen – og fik en stor 1. præmie af dommer Pia Bielefeldt. I et tæt opløb med en anden kandidat – endte Memphis med at blive dommerens bedste hund! Jeg er virkelig stolt af min dejlige 'dreng', som viser så stor glæde ved at arbejde, at han faktisk sprang helt op i hovedet på mig for at aflevere dummierne! Noget som egentlig ikke tæller på plussiden, men hans markeringsevne var så skarp og præcis, at det gjorde udslaget. Jeg er mega stolt! :)
Tak for det fine foto til Birthe.

IMG 3285 C prove

International udstilling i Herning 31.10-01.11 2015

Fin weekend i Herning ... Dommer Knut Sigurd Wilberg fra Norge placerer Memphis som 1.vinder med CK i mellemklassen om lørdagen. Søndag bliver Memphis 3. vinder hos den engelske dommer Kevin A.W. Young.

DSC 0137 memphis herning

En tur mere til Bornholm 10.10.2015

Drumbeat It's Now or Never, Memphis, stillede i mellemklassen hos dommer Susanne Forchhammer ved DRKs certifikatudstilling på Bornholm. Det blev til det en flot 1. vinder med CK. 


DSC 0130.crop

Søndag i Rostock 2.10.2015

Memphis var på sin anden udstilling i Tyskland – her stillede vi for dommer Dagmar Winter (D), som bla. skriver 'kraftig, godt bygget ung han, med et meget udtryksfuldt hoved'... 

Han ku' godt have være strukket lidt længere, men bagpoterne gled bagud! Det blev til en placering som nummer 3 i mellemklassen.

Tak til Jannie og Torben for foto. 




nyhed rostock torben olsen

Da vi mødte et par spøgelser ... 

Søndag den 27.09.2015 gennemførte Memphis DKKs mentalbeskrivelse. Den klarede han rigtig fint, da han på alle de vigtigste parametre ligger fuldstændig på labrador-racens ønskeprofil. 

Det ene sted, hvor Memphis 'faldt helt ved siden af' var på 'jagten', hvor det var meningen han skulle jagte en hvid 'kanin' (læs klud), der blev trukket hen over jorden. Her sad han bare pænt og ventede til jeg gav ordre, hvilket jeg ikke måtte. Han har lært ikke at jage selv – og det er i mine øjne mere ønskeprofil end at han selv sætter efter 'vildt'. Velopdragen hund. :)
Det var dog var en stor mundfuld at møde to spøgelser på en gang! Han faldt dog hurtigt ned igen og fik hilst på de venlige spøgelser ...

Det var en rigtig sjov og lærerig dag – noget jeg kan anbefale alle!
Tak til Henriette Vilstrup for de fine fotos!

Mentalbeskrivelse spoegelse2

DKK Hillerød 19.09.2015

Memphis har kvalificeret sig til brugshundeklassen – men må stadig stå i mellemklassen indtil han bliver to år. Vi valgte at blive i mellemklassen hos dommer Mikael Tranholm – og vi vandt – igen! Det er tolvte gang Memphis står i mellemklassen – han er blevet placeret alle gange – de 10 gange som 1. vinder...

DSC 0074 crop

Smukke Memphis kan også arbejde!

Søndag den 13. september opnåede Memphis 1. præmie i begynderklassen på Dansk Retriever Klubs markprøve B (på kold vildt). Præmieringen betyder at Memphis fremover kan stille i brugshundeklassen på udstillinger. Og at han i princippet er berettiget til at stille i åben klasse på prøverne. 

Dommer var Keld Jørgensen, og han skriver bl.a. i bedømmelsen:
God og veltrænet hund. :)  Jeg er så stolt og glad!

Tak til Birthe Vajland Ravn for billederne.  


4. bedste han i Varde

Ved DKK Kreds 11's nationale udstilling i Varde den 30. august vandt Drumbeat It's Now or Never mellemklassen mod nogle meget stærke konkurrenter. Da han også fik CK, var han med blandt de ni bedste hanner og kæmpede om vinderplaceringerne. Her blev han 4. bedste han. Rigtig fint af 19 mdr gamle Memphis – de tre foran os var alle omkring fire år. 

Dommer var Vincent O'Brien.

Tak til Jannie og Torben Olsen for foto.

IMG 3030 crop nyheder varde

Memphis på Bornholm

Ved DKKs internationale dobbeltudstilling på Bornholm den 15. og 16. august lykkedes det Drumbeat It's Now or Never at blive 2. bedste han om lørdagen hos dommer Eivind Miærum fra Norge. Desværre manglede vinderen stadig et certifikat, så Memphis fik reserve CERT og reserve CACIB, som er det internationale certifikat. Men det må siges at være ret godt gået, da vi slog en svensk/norsk champion hund på dagen!

Dagen efter var vi knap så heldige – vi vandt dog mellemklassen men uden CK – og var dermed ikke med i kampen om certifikaterne. 

Eivind Miærum skrev bl.a. om Memphis:
Flot velbygget han, velformet hoved, maskulin, god krop og benstammer, stærk overlinje, bra vinkler, skulle gerne have mere drive i sine bevægelser, men har harmoniske skridt, bra pels... 
(det skal lige siges at det var meget varmt og lummert den dag, som endte i regn og torden).

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nyhed KAR 0180 n3 438x438

Memphis til Unghundemesterskab (UHM) 09.08.2015

DRK Østjylland afholdt igen i år UHM for retrievere under 2 år – i Bjerregrav Mose ved Randers. I år var der lavet en ny prøveform, som gjorde at lidt flere kunne deltage, og hvis man bestod de fire første poster, så fik man en 1. præmie (B-prøve, begynderklasse).

Memphis på 19 mdr. og jeg har trænet gennem flere måneder, så det var en dag, vi har set frem til med en vis spænding. Trods høj sol og meget varme, var Memphis bare 'på', så de tre første poster gik strygende med henholdsvis 17, 13 og 20 point (20 p er max). Vi måtte derfor gerne fortsætte til post fire, som var et ganske almindeligt frit søg. Her lå der desværre en fasan, som Memphis bare ikke havde lyst til at samle op – og det kostede os alle 20 point på den post. Og vi fik dermed ingen præmiering. Alligevel var det en super fin dag, Memphis er en skøn hund at arbejde med – og jeg er rigtig stolt af det samarbejde, vi har. Vi har trods alt ikke så meget markprøve erfaring... Til højre ses Memphis umiddelbart efter prøven og en velfortjent badetur.

IMG 2944 newsUHM

Debut i Tyskland – 1. & 2. august 2015

Bremen – Internationale und Nationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung.

Til den internationale udstilling om lørdagen blev Memphis 3. vinder hos dommer Rony Michiels fra Belgien. 
Søndag var det den nationale udstilling, hvor vi stillede for den tyske dommer Joseph Pohling fra Tyskland. Her vandt Memphis mellemklassen og fik sit først tyske VDH cert.! Dem skal man have fem af for at blive tysk VDH champion. Han gik videre i runden med vinderne fra åben-, brugshunde- og championklasse om CAC, som her er det tyske VDH klub-cert. Og vandt!
På billedet er det Bedste Junior, Lab Lodur's Let's Show, Memphis – og den bedste tæve, der konkurrerer om at blive Bedst i Racen (BIR/BOB). Det blev den smukke blondine, der både er svensk og dansk champion, der løb med sejren. Men vi var i fint selskab - og man må sige at Memphis har haft en super god debut! Vi har fået mod på flere ture til Tyskland :)

DSC 0055 Bremen news

Hallands Kennelklubb – Internationell och Nationell Utställning

Så har vi igen været i Sverige... Fredag den 10. juli fik Memphis sit allerførste Reserve Certifikat! Han stillede for den østriske dommer Sigrid Jarmer og vandt mellemklassen med CK. I konkurrencen om at blive bedste han, blev han placeret som 4. bedste han – og fik reserve cert'et. 

Om lørdagen til den nationale udstilling, var det den svenske dommer Börje Johansson, der dømte klassen – her blev det til en 3. vinder. 
Man må sige at vi er kommet godt i gang i mellemklassen!

Tak til Kirsten og Susanne for foto.

IMG 2844 halland 10.07.15

Lørdag den 4. juli – Grøn Working Test

På en meget varm dag deltog vi i DRK-Nordsjællands super arrangement, Grøn Working Test, som er en uofficiel prøveform med forskellige poster, hvor man som uerfaren hund eller fører kan få en masse gode tips og råd til, hvordan man går på markprøver og officelle WT's, og hvad man skal arbejde videre med. Memphis klarede dagen i meget fin stil uden fejl! Og føreren fik nogle gode fif... ;)

Tak til Anne Winkel for foto.

Grøn WT 2015 283 nyheder

Søndag den 28. juni 2015, Södra Älvsborgs Nationelle Hundutställning ved Borås, Sverige

For aller sidste gang var Drumbeat It's Now or Never med i juniorklassen blandt 10 fine svenske hanhunde. 

Det blev til en 3. vinder med CK hos dommer Natasa Davidicov fra Serbien.
1. og 2. vinder i klassen blev henholdsvis bedste han 1 og 4, så det var nogle rigtig fine hunde, vi var oppe imod. De er oven i købet halvbrødre til Memphis! 
Vi fik en super bedømmelse – så det må siges at være en ok måde at afslutte juniorklassen på. 

IMG 2835 kritikSAKK

20-21. juni 2015, DKK International Udstilling, Vejen

Memphis lavede et flot 'hattrick' om lørdagen ved for tredje gang i træk at blive 1. vinder med CK i mellemklassen. Feltet var meget stærkt, da flere af hundene allerede var præmieret med flere certifikater! Dommer var Lene Johansen. Det var en stor dag!

Søndag stillede vi for dommer Inga Bonnez for sidste gang i juniorklassen i Danmark. Her blev vi 4. vinder ud af 10 fine juniorhunde.

Så endnu en fin weekend med gode resultater – han gør det sgu meget godt ham Memphis! 

Tak til Tine Norup for det fine billede.


nyhed vejen JK

6-7. juni 2015 DRK, Certifikatudstilling i Næstved

Så debuterede Memphis, 17 måneder gammel, officielt i de 'voksnes' rækker... Han blev stillet i mellemklassen (15-24 mdr) og blev 1. vinder med CK begge dage. Dommere var lørdag Anne Livø Buvik og søndag Anne-Berith Waskaas – begge fra Norge.


DSC 0830 438x292

29. maj 2015 – træningsdag med Keith Mathews – The Dog Guru!

Skøn dag med den irske træner Keith Mathews. Omkring 16 hunde og lige så mange deltagere uden hund. Vi trænede vandmarkeringer og især linjer og dirigering. 

Her er hundene sat af på en lang række – og de skulle så blive der i mindst 10 minutter uden af flytte sig. Ikke alle kunne så længe! Alligevel må det siges at det gik godt... 
Memphis er den sorte hund længst til højre i billedet – han klarede det rigtig flot og længe – helt afslappet selv om hundene på begge sider af ham rejste sig flere gange. Meeen til sidst var det altså svært at blive på sin plads uden at være tæt på sin 'moar'... :)
Det ser sgu da fedt ud med sådan en lang række hunde!

KM 1434023020 438x292

17. maj 2015

Super træningsdag på vildt... her henter en Memphis en and...

Træner henimod kvalifikationsprøven til efteråret.

Tak til Jannie for foto og en hyggelig dag!

IMG 2757 traeing

14. maj – DRK Region Nordsjælland, skue i Frederikssund

Fin dag i solskin og Memphis blev stillet i åben klasse for første gang. Dommer var Liesbeth Kodde fra Holland. Memphis blev 1. vinder med excellent og CK. Memphis var rigtig oplagt – det er så dejligt at stille ham!

DSC 0792 drk nord438x292 

9 . maj – DRK Labrador Raceudstilling i Jordrup

Endnu en god udstillingsdag i regnvejr! Vi stillede for den engelske topdommer, Richards Edwards, og blev 2. vinder i juniorklassen ud af 9 fine hanhunde. Er særligt glad for super fin kritik, kan læses under 'Bedømmelser'. Og Memphis, han er bare 'på' :)

Memphis jordrup 292h 

25. og 26. april 2015 – DKK Internationale udstilling i Roskilde

Så kom vi godt igang med sæsonens første udendørs udstilling. Begge dage gjorde Memphis på 15 mdr det super godt og blev begge dage 2. vinder med CK!

Lørdag var det et stærk felt med 11 juniorhanner og søndag var der 7 fine hunde i klassen. Lørdagens dommer var Lisbeth Bech og søndag dømte Susanne Forchhammer.
Vi er glade for at komme udenfor igen – trods regn søndag!

nyhed roskilde438x292 

30. og 31. august 2014 – DRK udstilling i Hasmark/Otterup

Mempis på 7. mdr vandt hvalpeklassen for hanner om søndagen hos dommer Pia Razera-Brolin fra Sverige – og slog også bedste tæve hvalp. Dermed blev han BIR hvalp – bedste hvalp...  :)

nyheder MemphisBIRhvalp7mdr