Offspring by Drumbeat It's Now or Never (Memphis)


If you are interested in a puppy sired by Memphis, please contact me for more information.
There are yellow bitch puppies available at the moment.  


DEVDHCH DKCH SECH(u) SEVCH Drumbeat It's Now or Never
x  DKRLCH Labdual Muffin LP1 RBM RØM, 'Muffin'
2. august 2019 Muffin gave birth to 8 yellow bitches and 1 black male, which did'nt make it. 
All the girls are growing and full of life – and they are ready to leave home on 27. september. 
Congratulations to breeder Gitte Zerahn – see more on
IMG 1947 muffin hvalpe lille web
DEVDHCH DKCH SECH(u) SEVCH Drumbeat It's Now or Never
x Lab Kenholm's Hello Dolly, 'Dolly'
8. December 2018 Dolly gave birth to 6 cute puppies – 5 males og 1 bitch – all black. Vi mated
Mephis and Dolly in the spring – without result, so it was with great exitement we were waiting for this litter
All puppies thrive and after the first week, they have dubbled their birthweight. On the photo the puppy is
two days old. 
Congratulations to breeder Hanne Arildsen with her first litter in kennel Lab Cocoon –
see more on
Dolly hvalp litter IMG 8717
DEVDHCH DKCH SECH(u) SEVCH Drumbeat It's Now or Never
x Wild'n'Beauty Pure'n Simple, 'Moa'
9. november 2018 Moa gave birth to 8 puppies – 6 bitches (4 black, 2 brown) og 2 males 
(1 black, 1 brown). All weighed 400-500 g – except one, who weighed 280 g at birth. But she has
catched up...
The first six pups came during the day - and everyone though that the delivery was well done. 
Until two more in the evening showed up! Apparently they were in no hurry... Everything was fine, 
and Moa once again did well as the perfect mother. 

Moa hvalp IMG 8592 lille
DEVDHCH DKCH SECH(u) Drumbeat It's Now or Never
x Inge Dyrhave's Isis (DK16147/2015), 'Maggie'
13. July 2018. Maggie gave birth to eight healthy puppies – four brown og four black – three bitches
and five males. 
Maggie managed everthing perfectly although it was her first litter.  
See more fotos on
Maggie nye hvalpe web

DEVDHCH DKCH SECH(u) Drumbeat It's Now or Never x
Wild'n'Beauty Pure'n Simple, 'Moa'
8. November 2017, Sweden. Moa gave birth to 11 puppies – six bitches and five
dogs, six brown 
and five black. All puppies are doing really fine – and Moa, for
whom it was the first time, 
managed a long delivery really well.
Two bitches are staying at the kennel, Blue Berry Springers Nashville
and Blue Berry Springers Chattanooga
I look foreward to follow them.

20171126 115405 Moa hvalpe
DEVDHCH DKCH SECH(u) Drumbeat It's Now or Never 
x Blackpearls of Mainhatten Ultraviolet (NSHB 2889002)
2. september 2017 three big fine puppies was born at kennel Of Storm's Legacy
in Holland. To boys and a girl – all black. 
The picture here is 'blue boy' – three weeks old. His name is You got me Hooked
of Storm's Legacy, called Aiden, and stays at the kennel. 
Aiden has been x-rayed, 1 year old: HD: AA, AD: 00

See more on or follow the kennel on facebook.
Follow the training of the other boy 'Toots' (Just Captivating of Storm's Legacy)
owned by Aad Eggen:
IMG 5794 blue boy hvalpe
DEVDHCH DKCH SECH(u) Drumbeat It's Now or Never 
x Drumbeat Dizzy Miss Lizzy (DK07214/2012)
21. maj Dizzy gave birth to three fine and healty puppies – a black boy and two girls.
AbbeyRoad is the yellow girl, PennyLane the black, and the boy is to be named

It is Dizzy's first litter.
Dizzy hvalpe IMG 4800 lille

Drumbeat It's Now or Never x DKCH Drumbeat Shakira (DK08399/2011)
(Labrador of the year 2013 in Denmark)
30 April Drumbeat Shakira (Donna) gave birth to 7 wellborn, big puppies.
5 yellow bitches, 1 black bitch and 1 black dog. 

En bitch, Drumbeat Dignity, has been x-rayed: HD: AA, AD: 00

web nyhed hvalpe6uger 215
Drumbeat It's Now or Never x Freja (DK17787/2009)
14 April Freja gave birth to 6 fine puppies by Memphis. 3 brown og 3 black
(5 bitches og 1 brown dog).
Unfortunately 2 male puppies didn't make it through birth.

The photo is from the Danish Blind Association's calender of 'Puppies of the Year'.
(Dansk Blindesamfund – Årets førerhundehvalpe). The black girl is chosen among
her siblings to become a guide dog. I just love her face!

The black girl has passed all the tests, mental- and healthwise and is now a functioning guiding dog. 
IMG 3988 Molly web215